• Type: Strings
  • Type2: Bowed Strings
  • Genre: Lute
  • Zone: Asia
  • Country: India
  • Chromatic
  • 25 strings
  • 7 playing strings
  • 15 sympathetic strings

  • 4 drones strings
  • 8 sympathetic strings

  • The Dilruba use a Sitar-like fretboard but its a bowed instrument. Its played by touching the strings with fingers along the fretboard and not pushing it against the fret.
    An the upper side of the bridge are the drone and melody strings. Behing theses are placed a lot of sympathetic stringd.
    Somes of thems have also a jawari flat bridge (Sitar-like tone).
    A goat skin is tied on the sound box.

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